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Megghross administers seamless customer experiences, business solutions, services and efficiency. We are problem solvers at the core that leverage creativity to spark meaningful content. And by using technology to support brands, we have provided true value to real customers.

App Development

We develop high-end apps, products and websites for brands.


We use a data driven scientific approach help your brand excel.

Media Buying

We use Artificial Intelligence to ensure Ad Spend efficiency.


We provide premium content, media and video production.

Social Media

We created a social media marketing & influencer network.

Our platform was so outdated we began losing customers. We hired Megghross to build us a new one and with their keen attention to detail and industry changes, they created new revenue streams for us. Since then year over year revenue has been up 44%.

— Matt Feldman

Discovering Madonna, The Ramones, The Cure and Ice-T was hard and with the ever changing landscape in the music industry it's harder to keep up. We successfully used Megghross to build data driven tools that helped us to discover new artists.

— Eric McLellan

A&R at Sire Records

Based on their proven track record, we hired Megghross to build cool products for us. But like the Jedis they are, they delivered products that are not only cool but super intuitive. It's like they read our minds and delivered much more value than expected.

— Ash Emond

E- Commerce Sales Director at Houzz

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