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Megghross is a holding company and media agency. We’re not just your agency, we’re your partner. We use a data driven approach to create advertising campaigns, brands, contentsocial media strategies and technology for the cannabis, health, music, politics and travel industries to differentiate brands from their competition and improve their culture.


We help to amplify the power of brands to drive growth as well as positive change in the world through technology.

Socially Driven

Though we are a for-profit media agency, our mission value is to provide some level of social good to others.


Leading by example is true leadership, so 3% of all our profits are donated to various charities and causes.


Sometimes we partner with or make micro-investments in early stage companies that align with our brand values.


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Cuanchai Megghross

President of Digital Media

Cuanchai Megghross

Founder, CEO & Software Engineer

Lucky Rajeswaran

President of Global Sourcing

Lucky Rajeswaran

COO & Supply Chain Manufacturing Engineer

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